Missia23 presents Victoria’s new single – “I Wanna Know”

June 14, 2019

Victoria Georgieva, largely known in Bulgaria through X Factor, returns with a new single, a new image, and the ambition for a strong restart of her solo career. Behind it as producers stand Missia23 – the creative hub, which in April opened its doors at 23 Mizia Street in Sofia.

“The main task we set ourselves is to unite and develop the creative industry in Bulgaria – music, art, fashion. Victoria’s EP is the first music project we stand behind. We start with a single and a video that will appear soon with a double premiere – both in Bulgaria and in Spain. We believe that quality music is made in our country, which can break through onto the world stage “- shares Genoveva Christova, one of the founders of Missia23.

“I Wanna Know” appeared a year after Victoria’s participation in the summer school at the Berklee College of Music, considered one of the most prestigious music education institutions in the world. There, Victoria meets music teacher Jerome Kyles, who – very impressed by her – manages to prepare her for several live performances. They are still working together. In the winter of 2018 in London, Victoria met Iliana Nedyalkova and the two began working together. Thus, two singles appeared, the first of which – “I Wanna Know” is based on music and lyrics by Iliana Nedyalkova, who lives and works in Los Angeles as a songwriter, performer and classical violinist. Her studio portfolio, where she works with her husband Alexander Burstein, includes artists such as Zayn Malik, Tenelle with her album For The Lovers, which reached №1 on the Billboard charts, Natiruts with the Latin Grammy nominee Acustico no Rio de Janeiro.

Next week, on June 19, the young artist will present “I Wanna Know” in Madrid at the Melboss Open – a music event that brings together artists, producers and publishers from around the world.

“Victoria, just 21 years old, was chosen to take part in the Melboss Open by a special jury. The truth is that only four European performers, two of whom are rapidly rising performers, got a chance to take the stage. It’s amazing that one of them is Victoria and that she will be able to present her new single to some of the best in the music business, including 13 Grammy Award winner, producer and sound engineer Rafa Sardina, who worked with Lady Gaga, Elvis Costello, Beyoncé, Plácido Domingo, Stevie Wonder … ” – commented the Missia23 team.

“For me, “I Wanna Know” is a very special song. It takes me to another world … It is also the first song that entered my soul and stayed there … For the first time I am “me” throughout my entire musical journey so far “- shares Victoria.