August 30, 2021

Missia Create: Cinema

Working in front of a camera:

* Develop your ability to influence audience

* Participate in projects with celebrities


Be natural and unique in the world of cinema and television. Learn how to use your body language and speech, as well as the intricacies of the ability to influence an audience.

The academy is realized in partnership with Art Association “Aquarius”, with director Simona Popova and assistants Kalina Lipovska and Evtim Shusholov. All three have years of experience working with children, both during previous editions of the course and in various productions.

Missia Create: Cinema is an accelerated course on film and television behaviour in front of a camera for children and teenagers. It is divided into 3 modules with a total duration of three months, starting in October. It will be held once a week with a duration of 2 astronomical hours. The program will be coordinated with the registered participants after the beginning of the school year.

The course focuses on the basic rules and subtleties of working in front of a camera. The participants will also have the opportunity to work with established figures from the world of Bulgarian cinema and television. Each module includes exercises and lectures in the categories:


After completing the course, participants will be registered and will have the opportunity to participate in Bulgarian and foreign productions, in which the Art Association “Aquarius” already has its established place.

Price for the presence of the three modules: BGN 405.

Price for one module: BGN 150.

* The three modules are thematically related, but can also be visited separately. To gain the full range of skills, we advise attending the full cycle of modules.


  • Every child who completes “MISSIA CREATE: CINEMA” will take part in a short film and its premiere in front of an audience!

As additional information, we add a link to an interview with Simona Popova, in which she tells more about the methodology of team work and how such activity affects the personal development of the child.

https://www.actualno.com/cinema/scenaristyt-simona-popova-na-pyrvo-mjasto-e-az-yt-na-deteto-i-posle-idva-roljata-news_1555493.html?fbclid=IwAR0p6szAQ77Za_Ep3Dv9 RBQKyOBj8


Registration is by email: missia.c.academy@gmail.com

For more information: +359 894 445 463